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To better serve our members, the below policies are in effect.



Members may pay in monthly increments by the

following methods:

· Automatic Bank Draft from checking or savings account

· Credit Card or Debit Card

Initial payment includes a joining fee and a prorated amount for the current month, the automatic draft will begin the following full month on the 1stor 15th

Members may pay in semi-monthly increments by the following methods:

· Cash

· Check

· Credit Card or Debit Card

Initial payment includes a joining fee, a prorated amount for the current month, and the next six months in full. Members will receive an invoice from the Y for each additional six month increment.

Members may pay annually by the following methods:

· Cash

· Check

· Credit Card or Debit Card

Initial payment includes a joining fee, a prorated amount for the current month, and the next twelve months in full. Member will receive an invoice from the Y for each additional twelve month increment.



The Marion Family YMCA encourages the use of guest passes as a way to recruit new members and to allow visitors to the area to use the Y.

· Each new membership will be awarded two complimentary guest passes.

· All guests must complete a Participant & Guest Application and be entered into the Y’s database.  
Minor guest must have a parent or legal guardian complete and sign the Participant & Guest 

· All guests age 18 and older must present a valid ID each time they come to the Y. Y staff will make a
  copy of it and keep on filefor at least six months.

· All guests, age 9 and older, must have their picture taken and stored in the YMCA’s database.

· All guests must abide by all Y rules, policies and code of conduct




YOUTH -  $5.00   



Adults:  Age 18 and older

Access for Adults includes:

· Group Exercise Classes (14 and older age limit)

· Wellness Center (14 and older age limit)

· Whirlpool

· Sauna

· Steam Room

· Adults (18 and older) are allowed to supervise children 8 and younger


Children:Age 9 and older

· May use the YMCA facility without a parent or another adult supervising.

· Members must be 14 and over to participate in Adult Activities and to work-out in our Adult Wellness. 

· May use the Family Wellness equipment if they have completed an Iron Kid orientation.


Children:Age 8 and younger

· Must be enrolled in a structured YMCA program or in Child Watch (if not with a supervising adult)

· Must be accompanied and supervised by an adult age 18 or older

· NOTE:  Parents CANNOT use the Wellness Center or Track while their child is unsupervised anywhere 
  in the YMCA. 

· If a child is enrolled in a class or structured activity, the parent is free to use a different part of the

· Parents/chaperones must stay close during Pre-School Swimming Lessons in case the child needs to
  use the bathroom. 


                 · Lockers are available for day use by members and guests.

· Please bring a lock and remove it at the end of each visit.

· Items left overnight will be removed and placed in the lost and found at the Service Center. Lost and
  found items are kept for a maximum of 7 days before disposal.

· Children over the age of 5 must use the gender appropriate locker room.

· The special needs locker room is available to accommodate parents with opposite sex children and
  those needing assistance.

· The Y is not responsible for any personal belongings that are lost or damaged while using the facility.

· Adult locker rooms are available for those 18 years of age and older. No children are permitted at

· No cameras or video cell phones are permitted in the locker rooms at anytime.


Lockers are available for rent on a first come, first serve basis. locker rental is $5.00 per month. Fee is paid on same basis as membership (monthly, semi-annual or annual). the rental fee includes a lock.


Members will be able to purchase towel service for $12.00 per month per member. If you're interested in this service, please see our Service center. We also have towels for sale for $2.00 and provide sweat towels in the Wellness Center.


· New members are encouraged to sign up for a coaching session

· Must be 14 years old to enter the Wellness Center

· Please don’t rest on equipment in between sets

· 30 minute maximum on the cardio equipment during busy times

· Please be considerate of others and wipe down equipment after using

· Water only allowed in the wellness center, food is prohibited

· Return plates, barbells and dumbbells to appropriate racks when finished

· Profanity is prohibited

· For your safety and the safety of others: Keep all personal items locked up in the locker rooms.
  Appropriate athletic attire required: tennis shoes, shorts or sweats, no jeans



· Please do not stop on the track

· Please run or walk single file during busy times

· Only water is permitted on the track

· Please observe the directional signs for each day of the week



  •  Stop at the Service Center for a complete list of pool schedules
  •   Children 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult or guardian 18 years of age or older in the
      water at
      all times, if the child is not deep end approved.
  •  Children needing a floatation device must have an adult in the water with them and will not be   permitted in the deep end
  • Any classes without a minimum number of participants may be subject to cancellation
  • Pool schedules are subject to change to meet member and program needs
  • The entire natatorium will be closed during thunderstorms and will re-open twenty minutes after the last  trace of thunder or lightning
  • Please only enter the natatorium through the locker rooms
  • All swimmers must shower before entering any of the pools
  • Children 17 or younger must take a swim test to swim in the deep end



· Full court games are limited to designated times on the gym schedule November through April.

· Staff may restrict full court games during Open Gym May through October on an as-needed basis due to
  heavy gym demand

     · Wear only proper gym shoes on the court floor and only gym shoes that haven't been worn outside.

· All food and drink must remain in the lobby...water is the only beverage allowed in the gym

· Do not hang on the rims or nets

· Do not touch, hang on or pull the gym curtain

· Respect those around you and the gym schedule

· Use all gym equipment as intended

· Follow any posted rules for game play

· Share space during Open Gym and allow new players in during Pick-Up Games

· Be respectful of others including no fighting or inappropriate language

The Y will adjust the gym schedule from time to time to accommodate program and members' needs. If you have schedule suggestions, please leave a comment card at the Service Center. All members and guests are expected to follow the posted schedule.



The Marion Family YMCA understands that some individuals of all ages may need special one on one assistance in order to take advantage of their Y membership.  These members may include individuals with physical disabilities, and mental or emotional challenges.  Upon request the Y will grant a “Care Giver” pass to a member so that their care giver may enter the Y with that member at no cost.  If a member makes such a request, a Care Giver must accompany that member to the Y at each and every visit.

It is the intention of the Y to provide a Care Giver pass for the benefit of the member, therefore Care Givers must be accompanying and assisting the member for whom they are providing care and may not be engaged in their own personal workout or other personal use of the facility.


Snowbird Definition:  Any active member that has a second residence, outside of Ohio, for a short period of time.


· Must sign Snow Bird form

· Must state what month they expect to return (can be up to 6 months)

· No new joiner fee upon return



Registration Deadline is 2 business days prior to the start of a class or event unless otherwise noted. After the deadline, registrations will be accepted based on available space.

Registration for all Group Exercise and Water Fitness Classes is continuous with no deadline to join an existing class. Classes without at least 5 participants may be cancelled after the first day.



Please register in person at the Service Center. ONLINE registration for group exercise classes & other select programs is available at

Full payment must accompany registration. Program participants must have a participant and guest form on file. A waiting list will be created for classes at capacity. If placed on a waiting list, you will be notified if space becomes available.


You must cancel from a class in person at the Service Center. A full credit or refund will only be issued if you cancel 2 business days prior to the start of a class. If you cancel after the deadline, no credit or refund will be issued.

The Y reserves the right to change, cancel or combine classes as necessary. If we cancel a class we will issue a full credit or refund.

Sign up for 3 adult classes and get 50% off the lesser of the three

25% sibling discount for siblings enrolled in the same program or whch ever child is less expensive.


The Marion Family YMCA is committed to providing  financial assistance with membership and program fees for those who demonstrate financial need.

Applications are available at the Service Center or click here.


The following is the Marion Family YMCA’s policies and procedures for snow emergencies to provide consistent and fair closing practices which benefit staff and members during severe weather situations.

  1. If a Level 1 Snow Emergency is indicated on mariononline or WMRN’s website, the Marion Family YMCA will remain operational. No closings or delays will be initiated.
  2. If a Level 2 Snow Emergency is indicated on mariononline or WMRN’s website, all classes and activities (including Child Watch) will be cancelled starting 45 minutes later. In the event that a Level 2 Snow emergency is declared, the Director on duty or building supervisor will evaluate staffing needs and allow staff, who are not essential to keeping the building open, to leave.
  3. If a Level 3 Snow Emergency is indicated on mariononline or WMRN’s website, the Marion Family YMCA will close the facility in 30 minutes.


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